Roots & Rocks Adventures

Welcome to the beautiful Appalachian and Blue Ridge Mountain area of Virginia!Are you looking for a vertical challenge, a family hike, streams and waterfalls, unmatched vistas and photo opportunities, meditation opportunities, or just a relaxing walk? Perhaps you want to learn about our geology, plants, animals, birds or the history of our area? Roots and Rocks Adventures is happy to guide you through our mountains for your own personalized exploration and adventure. All of our hikes are private guided hikes for groups of 1-20, by appointment.

Blue Ridge Vista Hike
Blue Ridge Mountain Views
Location: Appalachian Bear’s Den
Difficulty: Moderate
Time: ~ 2 hours
Distance: 2 miles
$20 per person

Arboretum Stroll
Relaxation Amongst the Trees
Location: Blandy Experimental Farm
Difficulty: Easy
Time: ~ 3 hours
Distance: 3 miles
$30 per person

Mountain Meditation Hike
Scenic Vistas & Guided Meditations
Location: Sky Meadows State Park
Difficulty: Based on your abilities
Time: ~ 3-5 hours
Distance: Based on your abilities
$30-50 per person

Battlefield Exploration Hike
Paths & Trails through a Civil War Battlefield
Location: Third Battlefield of Winchester
Difficulty: Easy
Time: ~ 5 hours
Distance: 5 miles
$50 per person

Splash and Explore Hike
River Walk & Waterfall Exploration
Location: Cool Spring Battlefield
Difficulty: Moderate
Time: ~ 5 hours
Distance: 5 miles
$50 per person

On Top of the World Hike
Rock Scrambles & 360 Degree Views
Location: Old Rag Mountain
Difficulty: Difficult
Time: ~ 9 hours
Distance: 9 miles
$90 per person

Scenic Sunset Hike
Stunning Panoramic Views
Location: Sky Meadows State Park
Difficulty: Moderate
Time: ~ 5 hours
Distance: 5 miles
$50 per person

Turn Around Hike
2 Miles Up & 2 Miles Down
Location: Skyline Drive
Difficulty: Moderate
Time: ~ 4 hours
Distance: 4 miles
$40 per person

Hike Registration
To request a guided hike please complete and submit this form. Our goal is to respond to you within a 24 hour period and most will receive a response by 8p.m. on the day of submission.
Please indicate any special preferences for the type of hike you are requesting:
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